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Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all legal relations with Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. and are also available at the website of rent24 – (Amsterdam).

1.2 User:
The party which concludes or wishes to conclude the Agreement with Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. as well as its representatives and/or legal successors.

1.3 Service-Agreement:
The agreement in which the legal relationship between rent24 and User concerning the use of office-, meeting- and service facilities is laid down and is referred to as Service Agreement. The terms as well as the pricelist are also available at

1.4 All notifications and announcements between the User and Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. must be done in writing which includes e-mail and other electronic data traffic in the rent24 systems.

1.5 The services, office space, the coworking space and the additional services are provided for companies and private persons.

1.6 The General terms and conditions of the business of the User are rejected and will not have any validity without a written confirmation by Rent24 Amsterdam B.V..

2. The Agreement

2.1. The Agreement period is for unlimited time if no other specific term is agreed in the Service Agreement.

2.2. The Service Agreement is concluded personally with the customer and cannot be transferred to third parties.

2.3. The work spaces and office spaces are only to be used by the User. A change of the operations requires a prior written notice from Rent24 Amsterdam B.V..

2.4. A violation of this provision entitles Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. to cancel the Service Agreement with immediate effect.

2.5. The User must have the Service Agreement present in writing or in e-mail as long as the User is in the Coworking Space. With the signed Service Agreement, the User ensures that the data are complete and truthful. The User shall notify Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. of any change of the personal or company data which can possibly be of interest for Rent24 Amsterdam B.V.. User specifically allows rent24 to use the personal data in the administration of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V..

3. Applicability

3.1. The Service Agreement is completed after signature of the User. By signing, the User accepts all provisions of the Service Agreement, house rules and the General Terms and Conditions of rent24.

3.2. The applicability of any other general terms and conditions than those of rent24 is hereby explicitly rejected.

3.3. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. reserves the right to complete and/or to change the Terms at any time and will make sure that the actual general terms and conditions will be available at the website The most recent general terms and conditions will apply on the Service Agreement.

4. Services

4.1. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. provides fully furnished and equipped work desks and offices (accessible any time) together with reception and office services during office hours from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Furthermore, Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. is providing internet, conference rooms, printer and lockers. The Service Agreement allows User to use the offices. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. has the right to accommodate the User to another work desk(s) or in (an)other office(s) than the initial office(s) provided. These work desk(s) or office(s) will equal the quality of the work desk(s) or office(s) initially appointed to the User. There will be no extra charge for this.

4.2. The credits for the printer and the conference rooms, depending on the booked work space or services, are valid per month. Not used credits and contingents cannot be transferred to the next month, paid or transferred to third parties.

4.3. Office services
The User guarantees that by using the facilities and/or other services Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. provides, the rights of other parties will not be violated.

4.4. The User has the right to use the address of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. as a postal address on its writing paper or other stationary. The postal address is on extra charge.

4.5. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. will take care of the incoming mail and will bring it forward to the User as soon as possible.

4.6. The User can book additional services of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. against an extra charge in the Agreement.

5. Usage of the office space, coworking area and services

5.1. User will check and inspect the facilities on arrival and will report imperfections immediately and in writing. At the end of the (working) day the User will make sure the office space is left in good, clean order and fully cleared.

5.2. User will have access during daytime from 9am – 6pm in case of a dayticket. Otherwise a keycard will be provided and the User will have a 24/7 access.

5.3. The office space and the coworking space can only be used for office purposes for exercising the company of the User as agreed upon in the Agreement or separately agreed upon with Rent24 Amsterdam B.V.. The User is not allowed to offer office space to third parties nor allow usage or offer and allow usage of the rendering of services assimilated with services which are rendered by Rent24 Amsterdam B.V..

5.4. The User needs permission to add advertising signs at the office door or anywhere else visible inside and outside the office.

5.5. Parties agree that the Service Agreement is not a rental agreement of property (onroerend goed). The Service Agreement is a service to be paid for and as far as the agreement can be seen as rent it is the rent of movable property (roerend goed).

6. Maintenance of the office space

6.1. The User will take good care of the office space and the design in conformity with the inventory list and ensure that the office space with the design will not be damaged or changed in any way. The User is liable for all damages inflicted by the User or by one who uses this/these office(s) and common space(s) with the approval of the User.

6.2. Office furniture and equipment
It is prohibited to place other furniture, cables, IT or telecommunication, equipment and connections in the office without prior written consent of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V.. The User is permitted to have communication, printing and/or copying devices in the unit if it is for the User´s own use. Services which Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. renders to the User under this Agreement should be rendered by or on behalf of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V..

6.3. Keys and Security
All keys and key cards are the property of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V.. It is prohibited to duplicate these or give to third parties for usage without prior consent of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V.. In case of loss or theft Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. must be informed immediately. The resulting costs are fully for account of User. During the use of the Coworking Space, during and outside regular office hours, the User is responsible and liable for the orderly locking of the doors of the own office space and the building.

6.4. Legal regulations
The User will comply with all laws, regulations and ordinances that are applicable to him or his operational management. The User must refrain from doing anything which could hinder other Users of Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. in their use of the Coworking Space, which could cause inconvenience, annoyance or unsafety or which results in an increase of the insurance premiums, cause loss or damage to Rent24 Amsterdam B.V., the owner of the building and/or other parties concerned.

6.5. House Rules
The User must confirm to the house rules, which are applicable to the Coworking Space, unconditionally. These rules are also available on the website

6.6. Insurance
The User must insure his possessions, employees and any third parties that the User takes in/uses in the Coworking Space and keep them insured during the Service Agreement. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. does not accept any liability pertaining hereto whatsoever.

7. Access to the Coworking Space

Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. has access to the office space at any time for safety reasons. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. will try to inform the User in advance when any inspections, tests, repairs, other routine jobs, cleaning or maintenance will be executed or when office space will be shown to possible future Users. User will allow rent24 access and there is no right for a financial compensation for the User.

8. Cancelling Agreement

8.1. Each of the parties can cancel the Agreement with a notice period of four weeks in advance to the end of the next month. A cancelation has to be done in writing.

8.2. Rent24 Amsterdam B.V. can terminate the Agreement immediately, dismissing the terms of notice, if the User:

  • has not paid the amount due at the designated times;
  • does not meet any of the obligations in the Service Agreement, house rules and or General terms and conditions;
  • and or persons working for or on behalf of the User do not act as a good User and or are acting in violation of the house rules such to be judged by rent24. The interest of other users will be taken in account by rent24 in this judgment.

9. Prices and payment

9.1. Actual prices (ex VAT) are given on the website and adjusted at least every year as from January 1.

9.2. All payments have to be done in advance, before the use of the facilities starts and rent24 has the right to deny entrance to the User if the payment has not been done in full.

10. Applicable law and competent court

10.1. Dutch Law applies and the court in Amsterdam is competent.

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