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rent24 Membership one membership, endless opportunities

The most successful companies in the world were created by chance. We let this coincidence take place and create energetic connections between like-minded people.

Our carefully selected members come from companies of successful economic areas and metropolitan regions. On the basis of their passionate entrepreneurial spirit we create ecosystems with incomparable innovation potential. From crypto hub to fintech valley to media hotspot, we offer unparalleled working environments.

Coworking Community - Meeting
Coworking Community - Fun
Coworking Community - Together

rent24 Community a network that has all the answers

Imagine Google, Wikipedia and Reddit under one roof. It does not matter whether you have a technical question or are looking for a new strategy. Every day we ensure a productive exchange between our members in order to grow ideas quickly and purposefully.

With us students, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, VCs and corporates of various industries and development stages will find the right contact. This mutual support not only promotes the development of projects, but also personal skills.

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rent24 Events the events calendar that is more than a Think Tank

Regular interviews, pitch meetings, consultations, workshops and lectures, from startups, investors and corporates: Our carefully curated calendar of events holds countless keynote speakers and signature events.

You will learn from the best in your industry and find the right partners. Startups receive support from experienced strategists with investment capital. Globally active companies are finding partnerships for their digital transformation.

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rent24 Investment from inconspicuous idea to innovative unicorn

Our members have the courage to make mistakes and to dare the impossible. To help young companies realize the potential of their business ideas, we support them with extensive support programs and offer them advanced locations in the midst of attractive markets.

In doing so the most important thing is, to be interconnected. We create proximity to established newcomers and large companies to initiate creative processes. Our worldwide networked campus serves as a central meeting point. It is a place where the Old and New Economy exchange ideas and work together successfully.


The benefits of membership



  • Flexible workplace
  • Access to the community
  • More than 500 events a year
  • Numerous offers and discounts
from50,00€per month
Private Office

Private Office

  • Flexibly expandable office space
  • Free use of meeting rooms
  • Representative business address
  • Postal acceptance and forwarding
from250,00€per month

At rent24, leading companies are united under one roof. Our community is at the forefront of the new generation of innovation drivers.

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